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Highland Games in Beijing

On Sunday 20th September, the British Chamber is hosting its annual Highland Games!

The Highland Games have been part of Scottish culture for hundreds of years. Here at BritCham, we are delighted to bring the Highland Games back to Beijing for a second year to celebrate the best of Scotland.

Bring your family, friends and colleagues and enter into the Highland Games competitions to see who is the best of the best!

There will be a great selection of food, ice-cream, soft drinks and alcohol from Beijing and Scotland's most loved vendors throughout the day, as well as an exciting range of activities for kids and adults to enjoy.

Rounding up the afternoon, try your luck in our raffle to win some fantastic prizes!

Highland Games

Highland games are events held in the spring and summer in Scotland and other countries as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture. 

It is alleged that the games began in the 11th century, when King Malcolm III of Scotland summoned contestants to a race to find a fast runner to be his royal messenger. 

We have slightly adjusted some of the events (it's hard to find a caber in Beijing!) and challenge you to roll up your sleeves and see if you've got what it takes to be crowned the very best!

Tug o'war

Teams are divided into two by a red tape in the center of the rope. The aim of this competition is to pull the opposing team to your side of the line marked on the ground. As soon as the red tape crosses the line marked on the ground, the team who pulls the rope to their side wins. 

Shot Put

The shot put (in this case medicine ball), has to be placed close to your neck, resting on your shoulder. The shot must be released above the height of the shoulder with one hand. Competitors are permitted to either run up to the boundary line or stay still before releasing the ball. The competitor who throws the ball the furthest is the winner. 

Tyre Flip

As a team effort, you and your team mates are required to flip the tyre from one cone to another and back again. The team to complete the distance in the quickest time wins. 

Farmer's Walk

Carrying two heavy kettle-bells, competitors have to walk the marked out distance without dropping the weights or stopping in between. The person with the quickest speed, will win the competition.

The Highland Games are not just for adults. Test your concentration and teamwork at our exciting children's games! 

Sack Race 

On the count of go, children will race to cross the finish line in their sack first. They must stay in their sack for the entire race and not fall over! 

Three- Legged Race

In teams of two, both children's middle legs will be tied together. This relay will require the children to work together to get over the line first. 

Egg and Spoon Race

This relay will require the children to use both their speed and coordination. The aim is to keep the egg on the spoon, while racing to the finish line to cross first. 

Ring Toss

The aim of this game is throw as many of the rings around the target as possible. The child to have the most rings around the target in the end wins!


We are making a 'Real Men Wear Kilt' T-shirt for this event. Get yours for 100RMB! 10% of our revenue goes to MCF charity! 


Highland Games are a unique mix of the sporting, the cultural and the social. This year's event will offer a wide selection of food and beverages from Scotland and Beijing's most loved brands, including:

Food & Beverage

Arrow Factory

The Bake Shop

BAOJIAN Whisky & Cocktails


Breakfast Champion

Buckfast Tonic Wine

Chime Whisky


Daxiao Coffee

Earthen Roots

Moka Bros

Natural Delicious Oats

San Wu Tang Kitchen

SATAVADO Georgian Wines

Smash A Cup


Train Yard


Five Star Sports

Beijing Devils Rugby Club

First Aid

United Family Healthcare

To join our event as a vendor, please contact

Raffle Prizes

Get a raffle ticket for 25 RMB or get five of them for 100 RMB! You have a chance to win:

2 x Etihad flight tickets from UK to China 

2 x one night stay in the club room on weekend at the Grand Hyatt Beijing

2 x RMB500 food & beverages voucher at China World Summit Wing

RMB 500 voucher at Beersmith, Hotel Jen

RMB 300 voucher for any UnTour Food Beijing Tour

3 x RMB 200 Food Delivery Vouchers from Sherpa's

Sponsors and Partners

If you would like to sponsor our event, please contact

Adult Ticket

Standard PriceRMB 50

Family of 3

2 Adults & 1 Child

Standard PriceRMB 110

Family of 4

2 Adults & 2 Children

Standard PriceRMB 130

Child Ticket

Ages 5-18

Standard PriceRMB 30

Young Child Ticket

Ages 0-5

Standard PriceComplimentary

'Real Men Wear Kilt' T-shirt

10% of the revenue goes to MCF charity

Standard PriceRMB 100



Dongfeng International Sports Park 东枫国际体育园
9 Nong Zhan Guan Nan Lu
Beijing, China

300m East of Tuanjuehu Station Exit B

See route