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With the China-US trade conflict dominating headlines, BritCham will hold a debate to argue in what position the dispute leaves the UK. In May of 2019 the British Government gave the green light to Huawei to be involved in the construction of the UK's 5G network. This news was met with condemnation from the Trump administrations. Threats of an uncoupling of intelligence sharing have lead to questions being raised as to whether the UK can strike a balance between these two competing nations. Join BrithCham as two panels of experts go head to head to debate whether the UK can stay neutral as the dispute continues. The debate will follow the Oxford style format, with the audience deciding the outcome. 

Debate Motion: "In the US-China trade war, the UK will need to choose a side."

*The debate is off the record. The winner of the debate will be the team that presents their arguments best. The arguments do not actually have to represent the panelist actually beliefs.


  1. The moderator will begin proceedings by explaining the premise of the debate, the rules and by taking an initial vote
  2. Opening Remarks: After the initial vote, the debaters present their opening remarks one at a time (3 mins each). Representatives from each side alternate in sharing their points
  3. Intra-Panel Discussion: Following opening remarks, the debaters engage with one another directly. The discussion is guided by arguments from opening statements and questions from the moderator.
  4. Question-and-Answer Period: During this portion of the debate, audience members have the opportunity to ask the debaters questions regarding the motion.
  5. Closing Remarks: Following the question-and-answer section, the debaters deliver separate 2-minute closing arguments. 
  6. A final vote is then taken. The winning team will be the one that produces the largest swing in opinion from the room.


The Bookworm
South Sanlitun Road
Beijing Shi, China

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