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Highland Games are a unique mix of the sporting, the cultural and the social. They usually comprise a programme of field and track events, piping and Highland dancing competitions and 'heavy events' like the tug-o-war, the hammer throw and tossing the caber. It's said the Highland Games originate from Ireland in 2000 BC and that they crossed the water to Scotland with the fourth and fifth century migrations. These unique events still take place around Scotland, and the world and now for the very first time in Beijing!

Arts, Crafts & BitesA selection of Beijing and Scotland's finest vendors!

Naked Nut Butters

Meredith and Katie met in 2016 and, after discovering a mutual love of nut butter and all things homemade, started a small nut butter company. Founded on the principle that healthy food can also be delicious, NAKED nut butters strives to give their customers a tasty and fun experience. The peanuts used to make their Bare NAKED Peanut Butter are organically grown in the fields below their factory. Their all-natural nut butters have ZERO additives and ZERO preservatives. It’s just nuts! Your taste buds and your waistline will thank you for this seemingly indulgent, yet healthy treat.

Bubba's Pantry

Bubba's Pantry practices traditional food preservation techniques. We make pickles, fermented veggies, jams, and cured meats.

Beanmade Candles

Beanmade products are handmade with you in mind, we are conscious of health and sustainability for the planet. We only use natural wax and essential oils to fragrance our products, resulting in aromatherapy properties. There's no hidden nasties and our candles are wonderfully vegan.

All candles are handmade with essential oils, soy wax and cotton wicks, for a healthier mind and home.

Elvira's Nuts

Elvira's Nuts sells the most delicious Granola, Muesli and Cocoapops in Beijing. As well as fantastic Beetroot Relish and Onion Chutney. But the new range of products will blow your mind away. This includes cakes like Lemon Bar and ChocoDelight (raw and vegan), delicious Chocolate Spread made 100% out of hazelnuts and almonds with cocoa powder and the tiniest bit of sugar and general nut butters.

Everything made on order to ensure freshness


NB8 International Taekwondo is not only a place to learn martial arts skills, it is much more. Applying a systematic, carefully developed teaching approach in an international environment, NB8 is a place where kids can develop unique personality traits, learn social skills, and increase confidence.

NB8 Taekwondo encompasses a comprehensive approach to teach taekwondo and develop kids in a wide range of physical, mental and social skills in all NB8 centers and studios. Across all NB8 locations, the company takes care to apply its carefully developed training system. All
NB8 instructors undergo a rigorous training for half a year before being assigned to teach classes. The programs are taught mostly in English with some wording in Chinese to support communication among international and Chinese students. Aspects which make NB8 taekwondo classes so special are the focus on the individual - the support of each child to develop their own unique skills, the international teaching system and environment, as well as the unique methodology which builds on playfulness and fun.


Yeyo is China’s first dairy-free coconut yogurt brand. Delicious, and dairy free, it is handcrafted using all-natural ingredients, combining the goodness of coconut milk and probiotics to support healthy digestion and strengthened immunity.

Yeyo was founded by Kiwi expat Christiana Zhu to maintain a dairy-free lifestyle when she found there was no coconut yogurt available in Beijing. It contains 3 different strains of probiotics to support the gut, and lauric acid in the coconut milk reduces inflammation whilst vitamins A, E and C nurture the skin.

Wild Yaks Basketball Club

Wild Yaks Basketball Club is a youth sports organization specializing in the best basketball training and camps in Beijing. We develop young players and create pathways to higher education through quality coaching and excellent programming. Our well-established sister club BC Unibasket is a regular competitor in the European Youth Basketball League, our goal is to connect youth in sports through our cross-border initiatives.

Pop Masters

Gourmet Popcorn

We are proud to be a small batch handcrafters of fine gourmet popcorn. We start by using quality imported ingredients: Our popcorn kernels come from the United States, We use imported New Zealand butter and when available we source only the finest local products. Using these natural and fresh ingredients in our process is of the upmost importance. Many manufacturers of so-called gourmet popcorn are using prepackaged mixes to coat their popcorn.

Our sweet and savory flavors are made from scratch. We carefully blend real, fresh ingredients to make our popcorn, never using artificial preservatives. We make our popcorn in kettles less than 10-gallons, this ensures that every portion is exact every time. It is this attention to detail and quality that allows are clients to taste the Pop Masters difference.

The Blck Lab

Amazing Coffee!

Company intro: The Blck Lab brands Co-Founder Kevin Richardson is from one of the hearts of the African continent, he has experienced and explored all that the Southern Tip of Africa has to offer when it comes to coffee. Our other Co-Founder Elaine Fu has built up another successful business within Beijing over the last few years and together they contribute to The Blck Lab’s objective, to improve coffee culture and knowledge in China and allow your everyday coffee lovers to have and be able to get their hands on amazing coffee’s from around the world at great prices.

Although Kevin is a foreign coffee roaster he has taken it upon himself to make sure that we use authentic Chinese brands for the production of our amazing coffee’s, from roasting machines to other equipment, we want to show that we are able to deliver the same amazing coffee, with proudly Chinese brands. We also source coffee directly from the farms in Yunnan and from farms around the world and roast them with the experience and love we have brought from Africa, to unite different coffee cultures and share one Great cup of coffee.

Let's Play Daycare

A Let’s Play is an international daycare center located in the heart of Beijing, China World Mall. We specifically cater to 0 - 3 year old's in a well resourced, purpose built environment. Our teaching team are
passionate about early childhood care and education and strive to ensure the best possible start to your child's education journey and supporting their growth and development during their early years.

Soap Fresh Soap Clean

Soap Fresh So Clean is a handmade soap company dedicated to bringing you bath products that clean the body and soothe the soul. Our products are made with ingredients proven to be beneficial to the skin.  If you have sensitive skin, please try our KISS (Keep IT SIMPLE SOAPS) line of soaps. They contain no scents, dyes, or other potentially harmful skin irritants.  Wheather you need a bar that exfoliates, moisturizes, or both we have the soap for you.

Lisett's Coquito

"Coquito" is a Puerto Rican cocktail with several different variations. The base ingredients are coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, and Bacardi white rum. Nutella and pistachio can also be added to this drink to make it extra decadent! And don't worry if you don't drink alcohol, because I will also have non-alcohol variations.

Antonia Sampson

A Beijing resident, Antonia and has always been deeply inspired by China and the treasures found here. Working with artisans from Zhejiang, Hebei, Guangzhou and Beijing, Antonia designs and creates her jewellery with a distinct classic style. Carefully choosing quality pieces and materials, many designs are one-of-a-kind. In particular, Antonia loves to incorporate unusual and rare pearls, as featured in her ‘Treasures of the Sea’ collection.

The Bulk House

THE BULK HOUSE believes the key to solving the world's biggest problems is for everyone to adopt a combination of minimalism and zero waste into their lives. Joe Harvey and his partner, Carrie Yu, opened mainland China’s first zero waste store in Beijing at the beginning of 2018. One of the main focuses of THE BULK HOUSE is encouraging people to understand their waste and then reduce it using the 6R principle: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle and Rot (in that order).


Songtsam is your gateway to hidden destinations offering a series of boutique retreats, tailor-made tours, and curated experiences in the remote, beautiful land of Yunnan province and Tibet in China.


F45 training is suitable for people of all ages, whether your extremely overweight or a full time athlete, you will be tested every single time. With no workout ever being the same, F45 is a new & exciting way of training, a team training experience that can only be described as unique, innovative, dynamic and most importantly FUN.

Food & BeverageDelicious food and drink options throughout the day!


The aromas from PARWAAZ’s kitchen cast a spell and narrate an appetizing Indian tale. When Reshma moved to China a few years ago, it was her craving for the authentic home-cooked food that inspired her to create PARWAAZ – Spice Route Concepts, where food is prepared with the same love, care and thoughtfulness like it is at home.

Craving for some spicy pleasures indulge in Curry in a bowl or Curry in a roll at PARWAAZ’s live food counters .

Want to recreate the curry magic at home …. Pick a jar of their delectable blends and pastes . PARWAAZ’S product line of Chutneys & Curry pastes have won the hearts of many in Beijing. Infused with secret family recipes and quality ingredients these are completely preservative free.

For an exclusive PARWAAZ experience sign up for Reshma’s private POP –UP curry tables and embark on an sensual journey of flavours as she captures the heart and soul of the rich culinary culture of India .

Ping Dynasty

Ping Dynasty Cider Brewing Co. was established in 2017 by three
cider enthusiasts in Beijing who share the love for cider. We accepted the challenge of taking a traditional western cider and
changing it for Chinese tastes. We spent most of the spring /
summer 2017 inventing different cider recipes and trialling them on
people in Beijing. Ping Dynasty batch #4 was a big success, and
this is the final recipe we went to market with.

Vai Milano

This artisanal Italian ice cream parlor offers gelatos, sundaes, milkshakes, pastries, and coffee. Vai Milano’s gelato is made from natural ingredients, without artificial colors or preservatives.


First produced by Hugh Tennent at Wellpark in 1885, our flagship brand has long been established as Scotland’s best-selling pint. Tennent’s Lager is brewed to meticulously high standards, using exceptional ingredients and characterised by its clean taste and refreshingly crisp finish – best served ice cold. Having maintained its popularity in the face of changing tastes and fashions, Tennent’s Lager has also earned widespread acclaim for its staunch commitment to football and music in Scotland. (4% ABV, draught and 568ml / 500ml / 440ml cans)

Breakfast Champion

Breakfast Champion was the brainchild of a Northern Irish chef who came to China craving his beloved Ulster Fry, quickly realising most of the components were a no-go or simply overpriced knockoffs.

He decided enough was enough and that was the moment Breakfast Champion was born, with this simple idea, and champion food knowledge, he set out with two objectives in mind, the first, to source high-quality meat and then produce safe and affordable back bacon, sausages and black pudding direct to your door. The second, to sell enough bacon to cover the cost of his own breakfast demands!

We now supply over 50 different meat products from around the world and deliver to over 40 cities in China.

Everything we sell comes from high quality, sustainable sources including the UK, Australia, Canada, and high-quality, higher welfare, local products. We are constantly expanding, innovating, upgrading, and updating our product range in order to serve you, the people!


Sproutworks is fast casual western restaurant founded in 2013 which brings convenient, fresh, healthy and delicious food to Shanghai. Sproutworks is committed to transparency in sourcing, building sustainable habits, creating a health-conscious, active, and happy community, and making sure healthy food is accessible for all.

With a wide variety of choices on the daily rotating menu, you can choose from fresh salads, healthy sides (including 14-16 different vegetable and pasta creations), gourmet paninis, hearty soups, proteins, fresh squeezed juices, and desserts. With variety in menu combinations and adherence to high quality ingredients, Sproutworks is a regular in nearby office workers and young families’ lives and a beacon of Shanghai’s young, active, and vibrant community.


Established near Dunbar in 1719. Belhaven is Scotland’s oldest working brewery. That means we’ve been brewing, selling, refining and inventing new beers for longer than anyone else. Our ancient buildings house cutting-edge brewing kits, which let us turn out all sorts of brews, from established classics to new-fangled experiments. Though parts of our brewery are old, we thrive on the new; and as we approach our 300th birthday we are set for our biggest ever year for beer sales. Join us on the journey as we head for another 300 years of beautiful beers!

Mr. Chips

Mr Chips is Quintessential British Chippy, our passion is about offering the best fish and chips in Beijing, we use fresh fish from sustainable waters and fresh potatoes, hand cut and cooked to make the perfect fish and chips offered at sensitive price

Euro Foods

Newby Tea

Euro Foods(BeiJing) Co.,Ltd. is a professional company who represents a few EU premium food brands and manages market development in whole China on behalf of them.

We have rich European food supply chain resources and long term reliable strategic local partners in whole Europe.Nature,Health,Trendy,Sustainability is the key business principle of our company.We are working hard to bring as many as possible good European food products to China market which are fully same hygiene standard and also trendy as in EU mainsream market. Meanwhile,we also try our best to introduce up-to-date best European healthy lifestyle & culture to our beloved Chinese consumers!

We also provide professional on-site service to your private party with our best quality tea,spirit,soft drink,food…We are always the best partner of your private party in China.

We look forward to cooperating with all who have same life concept with us together to be the real apostles of authentic quality life in China.

Two Guys and a Pie

“There is no greater joy than eating pie. Everyone should experience eating pie once in their lifetime” – Matt and Andrew, Founders
We are two regular Australian expats who couldn’t find a decent meat pie in Beijing so we headed into the kitchen to do something about it and that was how Two Guys and a Pie was conceived.

Our love of the pie has us on a mission to get as many people to try a pie at least once during their life. So whether it be pie lovers, foreigners who have never had an Australian meat pie, or Chinese who haven’t come even had something close to resembling a meat pie before (ovens aren’t common in Chinese households), we want everyone to be able to experience a meat (or vegetable) pie here.

Pies are suitable for all occasions whether it be at home, the pub, parties, sports games or with friends.

Being Aussies we can’t help but make our pies with plenty of love and care. All recipes have been tested and eaten numerous times by us till we are sick of eating pies. Almost….

XIX Spirit

XIX Spirit (北京高必林贸易有限公司), a company established in January 2012, is a Beijing registered wholly foreign (Dutch) owned trading.
XIX imports and distributes one of China’s leading portfolio’s of craft spirits,
including Scotch whisky, gins from the UK, Spain, France & Finland, as well as other spirits from the Americas & Asia.

We are incredibly proud to work with our brand partners in China, and lovevnothing more than sharing stories over tastings with our customers.


Swan Wine Group epitomises the Swan’s elegant beauty that is the Australian viticultural landscape. Based on 200 years of Australian Wine pedigree, SWG is creating a new winemaking legacy by focusing on the Asia Pacific export market. Australian Swan Vintage has become a highly awarded producer of premium Australian Wines destined for international markets.

Securing strategic investment and partnerships through Australia and Asia has created a fully integrated wine business. Our depth of knowledge is arguably second to none covering
viticulture, winemaking, bottling and international distribution.

First AidOn-site nurse in case of any bumps or bruises!

北京和睦家医院 Beijing United Family Hospital

Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) has been offering premium care to hundreds of thousands of expatriate and Chinese families. Since 2005, we have been consistently re-accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which certifies high-quality standards in patient care and safety, underscoring BJU’s position as a full-service, internationally accredited healthcare provider. BJU is accredited by both JCI and the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and has received Stage 6 EMRAM certification from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).